One Future, One Community

UnifySTL is a group of thought leaders who all agree the reunification of St. Louis City and St. Louis County must be made a priority in order for the region to regain its rightful place as a top tier market.

John W. Sheehan

Senior Vice President / Market Manager, CBS Radio

St. Louis has so much to offer and we are all extremely proud of the heritage of our city. But the reality is, some of our antiquated ways of doing things have set us back over the last 100 years. I believe there is true progress right now and a real movement within the leadership of St. Louis to make change that will lead to significant growth for the next 100 years. Breaking down this imaginary wall between the city and county is another step in the right direction and is vital if we are going to continue to compete at the highest levels for economic growth.
— John W. Sheehan