One Future, One Community

UnifySTL is a group of thought leaders who all agree the reunification of St. Louis City and St. Louis County must be made a priority in order for the region to regain its rightful place as a top tier market.

Wesley Jones

Sage Capital, LLC

My wife and I chose Saint Louis in 2001 because we wanted our children to grow up in the best of all communities, a place with sufficient critical mass to support great institutions, but a place also with a human scale where friendship trumps fame and coin. In a transient world, it becomes ever harder to be from anywhere. For us, it was not a hard choice between my wife’s home town (Detroit) and mine (Saint Louis) on that score. Centrifugal forces can cause cities to lose their critical mass; to paraphrase Gertrude Stein, they lose their “there.” We were tugged home by the gravitational pull of this great city, and we stand with those who want to keep the center strong for generations to come.
— Wesley Jones