One Future, One Community

UnifySTL is a group of thought leaders who all agree the reunification of St. Louis City and St. Louis County must be made a priority in order for the region to regain its rightful place as a top tier market.

Thomas Schlafly


I was born in the City of St. Louis and grew up within walking distance from the hospital where I was born. I’ve voted in every City election since March of 1970. I’m the chairman and co-founder of a business that has been part of the revitalization of neighborhoods in both the City and the County. From all these years of living and doing business in St. Louis I’ve developed an increased awareness of the interdependence of the City and the County. I’ve also observed the advantages that cities such as Louisville and Indianapolis have realized by merging with their adjoining counties. If St. Louis is going to thrive in the 21st century we need to overcome the artificial barrier that was erected in 1876. To those who contend that a merger simply isn’t feasible I would reply, if East and West Germany can reunite, surely the City and County of St. Louis can figure out a way to do so for their mutual benefit.
— Thomas Schlafly