One Future, One Community

UnifySTL is a group of thought leaders who all agree the reunification of St. Louis City and St. Louis County must be made a priority in order for the region to regain its rightful place as a top tier market.

Different Neighborhoods, One Community

Neighborhoods and local accessibility are arguably the largest assets that St. Louis has to offer. Folks who live around you are also the same folks whom you see at school events, the grocery store and on the street. That tight-knit feeling is why so many people love St. Louis. Yet, our largest strength is, at times, also our largest weakness.

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The 9 Boroughs of a Greater St. Louis

We have all heard that there is too much fragmentation in St. Louis. Duplication, waste and inefficiency abound, and there is no way to bring about change because the kings and kingdoms are firmly entrenched.

With worldwide focus on Ferguson, and municipal courts under scrutiny, a new structure laid out on a blank sheet of paper offers an opportunity for a timely discussion. Now, more than ever, St. Louisans are saying, “Anything is better than what we have.”

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From nextSTL: Failure of Fragmentation: 115 Governments Cost St. Louisans Dearly

Better Together, the group studying our municipal governments, in their Regional Comparisonrevealed that St. Louis is spending much more per capita than Indianapolis and Louisville. Between St. Louis City, St. Louis County, the 90 municipalities in St. Louis County and the 23 fire districts of St. Louis County (No Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD), Zoo Museum District (ZMD), Great Rivers Greenway (GRG), Bi-State Development (Metro), or school districts) each year we’re spending $590 more per capita than Indianapolis and $815 more than Louisville. So if we spent the same per capita as Indianapolis is we’d be spending $778M less and in the case of Louisville, $1.075B less.

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